Pastel Wedding

WordPress Theme (Bundle)

This beautiful and simple Pastel-Styled Wedding Theme for WordPress comes complete with an RSVP form for your guests, photo galleries, link to registry, Google map, and a place to tell your story.

With user-friendly setup, this theme is a great/simple way to get info about your wedding to your guests and is perfectly matched to a pastel-themed wedding.

Built to look good on all screen sizes.

Allow your guests to check last minute details about your wedding address on their phones. The Pastel Wedding Theme makes sure they have a great experience no matter which device-size they are using.

In this Bundle:

  • License works for an Unlimited number of Websites.
  • Simple "1-page" design pre-styled and re-usable for any page.
  • MP Stacks Page-Building Plugin and 9 MP Stacks Add-Ons.
  • Knapstack Theme.
  • Auto-Installation and setup of all of the above.
  • License works for ALL included plugins.
  • Auto-Updates & Support for ALL included plugins (1 year).
  • Rights to use ALL images seen in the demo.

Setup is a breeze.

We know it can be nerve-wracking to spend money without being sure if/how it will work. To help ease your mind, we have posted a tutorial of the entire setup of this Theme Bundle right here. This way, you can know exactly what you are getting into - and just how easy it is to use! We've got nothing to hide 🙂

Key Features

Included in the Pastel Wedding WordPress Theme Bundle

Easy To Customize
Easy To Customize

Change up the text to your custom information with a simple "double click". No wasted time hunting for settings.

Change Any Image
Change Any Image

Swap in your own images from your engagement photoshoot with a simple click/upload.

Unlimited Fonts Per Page
Unlimited Fonts Per Page

Using Google Fonts, you can use a different font for every section of every page.

Unlimited Sliders
Unlimited Sliders

You can swap out any section's content for an Image/Video slider to make this theme even more customized for your wedding's needs.


Add a Parallax effect to any section of the page with a simple click. Set your speeds and you're good to go! Find out more about how Parallax works here.

Easy RSVP Form
Easy RSVP Form

Allow your guests to RSVP to your wedding by filling out a simple form on your website with all of the special details your wedding needs.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Your guests will be able to easily find where your wedding is by checking out the Google Map on the bottom of your wedding website.

Beautiful Photo Gallery
Beautiful Photo Gallery

Showcase those beautiful engagement photos on your Wedding Website with a beautifully aligned Photo Album that is easy to browse. Photos can be hosted on your own WordPress by a simple upload - or by loading them from a Flickr gallery.

Included Plugins

These plugins are included with this Bundle including Auto-Updates and Full Support (1 year)

MP Stacks + Features
MP Stacks + SocialGrid
MP Stacks + Parallax
MP Stacks + GoogleFonts
MP Stacks + Slider
MP Buttons
MP Stacks + Animation
MP Stacks + GoogleMaps
MP Stacks + Forms
MP Stacks + SocialLinks

In-Depth Support.

If you run into trouble we're only an email away for one-on-one help! We also have a complete support page if you're the type of person who likes to dig in and find the answers yourself.

Landscape Theme Bundle Support

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

We stand behind our products and if you find you aren't able to use the Landscape Theme Bundle as advertised here, and after contacting our support desk we can't get it fixed-up for you within 30 days of your purchase, we will gladly give your money back.